The first microtechnological 3D trap capable of accelerating cancer characterization

SmartCatch is lifting the current locks on CTC liquid biopsy by developing a range of compact, portable, easy-to-use products adapted to use in clinical routine, in order to make CTC liquid biopsy accessible and the essential medical procedure for the diagnosis, follow-up and personalization of care in medical oncology.

the biology of ctc

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) can be found in the blood of every cancer patient

Circulating tumor cells (CTC) are cancer cells that have escaped from a tumor and migrated through different biofluids in the human body. These tumor cells travel through the bloodstream until they find a suitable niche to proliferate and develop a secondary tumor or metastasis, the leading cause of death by cancer. They therefore carry key information about the presence, nature and aggressiveness of solid tumors.
They convey crucial information in terms of number, genetics, molecular pathways, mechanisms of immune evasion – their detection, counting and analysis could help the oncologist to refine cancer diagnosis and prognosis, adapt the therapy at the individual level and monitor more closely the evolution of the disease over time and the effectiveness of the treatments provided.

Microtechnologies as a tool for precision medicine

Microtechnologies encompasses the scope of new materials, structures with ultimate resolution, and sensors with ultimate sensitivity, where the micron-scale achieved by these cutting-edge technologies meets the scale of CTC.

CTC capture

How does it work?

Circulating Tumor Cells are relatively larger and less deformable than other blood cellular components. Implemented in physiological conditions and low pressure-regimes, our technology exploits these physical traits to isolate them.


The core of the innovation consists in a microengineered capture device, developed with cutting-edge technologies and advanced computational simulations, enabling a one-step physical and selective isolation of CTC from blood in physiological conditions.

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