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our mission

Make the liquid biopsy of circulating tumor cells accessible to everyone

Do you know what are cancer care delivery challenges these days ?

Diagnosis based on the analysis of a single‐tumor biopsy only reflects a single point in time of the whole intratumoral heterogeneity.

The alternative:
Liquid biopsy arises as a minimally invasive approach offering increased temporal and spatial representativeness of the heterogeneity of solid tumors, enabling real-time monitoring of the disease and personalization of the therapeutic project.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) travel in every patient's bloodstream. CTC are the physical vectors of cancer aggressiveness and metastatic potential. Rare (1/1 billion normal blood cells), they are also difficult to capture while maintaining their physiological integrity.


Accelerate cancer characterization through liquid biopsy

SmartCatch is lifting the current locks on CTC liquid biopsy by developing a range of compact, portable, easy-to-use products adapted to a use in clinical routine, in order to make the liquid biopsy of CTC accessible and the essential medical procedure for the diagnosis, follow-up and personalization of care in medical oncology.


Our solutions

SmartCatch's know-how is based on the design and manufacture of cutting-edge microfiltration devices allowing the isolation of CTC directly from whole blood with no pre-analytical steps involved. Ultimately, this will help researchers and clinicians gain access to valuable data that will improve the quality of cancer patient outcome.

Isolated cells on capture device consumable

about us

Une innovation créée par des médecins, biologistes et physiciens

La solution Smartcatch est le résultat de 7 années de R&D et de collaboration entre le LAAS-CNRS (….) et le service urologie du CHU de Rangueil…
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