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We aim to develop a product line that is robust and widely used as the clinical standard for CTC enrichment, and enumeration.

Key advantages


Single Step

Easy-to-handle devices for immediate compatibility with standard characterization, imaging, and analysis techniques. The capture devices can be manufactured from a wide range of materials to adjust to end-user application (reculturing/proliferation of cells, high-resolution fluorescence imaging etc)

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Modular Technology

Our modular design offers up to ten S-MDCs to be used for optimal CTC capture.



We aim real-time and quality-controlled quantitative CTC measurement to accelerate clinical decision-making.


End user :

Our research use clientele are made up of academic labs and institutions, CROs, and pharmaceutical industry.

CTC-Station is capable of isolating CTC in a few minutes from fresh blood samples without pre-treatment

CTC-Station© reproduces in vivo conditions to ensure optimal capture of CTC with low contamination levels for subsequent analysis. This fully-automatized benchtop platform allows the recovery of captured CTC and their insertion into conventional downstream biological analysis.

CTC-STATION will be deployed into academic research centers, clinical research institutes, and pharmaceutical industries to accelerate the adoption process of our technology into well-established CTC workflows, limited to research purposes.


End user :

•Clinics•Oncology centers

Portable clinically fitted system

CTC-PHERESIS provides the clinician a solution for the continuous, high-volume, and direct capture of cancer cells in blood. This innovation can fit an aphaeretic device able to screen a maximum volume of patient blood directly from a peripheral vein. The large blood volume in combination with the highly specific S-MDC, could lead to increased cancer cells counts and better representativeness. Facing the inadequacy of current approaches with clinical routine, S-PHERESIS system is designed to be portable, and compatible with standard blood-processing medical devices and consumables. S-PHERESIS is also designed to be compatible with conventional downstream biology techniques used for cell analysis at the cellular and molecular level.

Key benefits are:

  • Quick access to high qualityinformation to provide the right treatment at the right time
  • Access to tumoral material in a moresystematic and frequent manner to evaluate treatment efficiency
  • Acceleration of decision-making toscreen more patients at earlier stages and improve patient care
  • Standardize patient selection forimmunotherapy treatment
  • Simplification of practices and reduction of costs in healthcare

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